Friends and Family Senior Companionship Program

Companionship Care is primarily emotional support and companionship for seniors who are generally healthy and who want to remain independent at home. This includes non-medical services that help make a senior’s life more manageable.  Activities Of Daily Living (ADLs) are a strong component of companionship care where the senior companions assist and complete tasks which allow the senior to continue to live independently at the home.

Elements of A Successful Companion Care Program-

  1. A high level of compassion and care provided by Companion Care Assistants and Supervisors
  2. A thorough assessment which targets the specific needs for each individual client so we can provide the proper services that will be beneficial to the client
  3. Communication between companion care assistants and supervisor to ensure coverage for the clients, to update if any situations or changes arise with the client’s needs or living situation, and to alert the supervisor if any problems occur between the client and companion care assistant
  4. Proper documentation of time spent with client, ADLs completed and all home care tasks performed.
  5. Offering a wide range of services to alleviate stress for the family and individual, fostering a healthy and genuine companionship between the staff member and client while allowing the client to remain independent at home.


  1. We have developed our own training program to prepare our Companionship Care Assistants to be able to compassionately and competently perform the job at peak ability.
  2. We stress to our staff members the importance of expressing empathy and building relationships with the client so that the client feels safe and content with the staff member coming to the home
  3. We will have all potential staff members coming to our Adult Day Program and spend time with our Seniors so we can match the right staff member to the client and produce a healthy and successful relationship
  4. All of our companion care assistants must pass a rigorous background check, so your loved one can feel safe at home

Non-Medical Home Care Services:

  1. Homemaker
  2. Companion/Sitter
  3. Respite
  4. Friendly Reassurances
  5. Chores
  6. Meal Preparation
  7. Medication Reminders

Does this sound like a good fit for you or your loved one?!

Hours of operation- 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM 7 Days A Week

Contact Program Coordinator- Jonathan Berman

Phone- 845-867-8492
E Mail-
Fax- 845-229-2543