Medical Information

Emergency Care/Illness

Friends and Family Adult Day Program is a social model adult day service program and does not provide medical care. However, we do provide some assistance with activities of daily living and we will work with participants and caregivers to accommodate additional support needs.

In the case of a medical emergency, the staff will call the local emergency response team (911) and will also notify the participants’ caregivers. The staff will provide the 911 responders with any emergency response information available to the program. It is very important that caregivers keep their participant’s records current and that they inform the staff of any changes in medication, emergency contacts, or medical status. If the participant has an advanced directive, such as a community DNR order, caregivers must also supply the Program Supervisor with a valid, up-to-date copy of the written document.

If participants should miss their regularly scheduled attendance at FFADP due to a contagious illness or an emergency room visit, hospitalization or major illness, their caregivers must provide a doctor’s note to the Program Supervisor verifying authorization that the illness has been resolved prior to being readmitted to the program.


FFADP staff cannot administer medications or provide pharmacological treatments. In the event that medication must be taken during program hours, several conditions need to be met before the participant can attend FFADP:

  • Participants must have cognitive and physical capacity to self-administer medication or treatment.
  • The participant’s caregiver must complete a medication release form.

For participants who need medication reminders during program hours:

  • The FFADP Program Supervisor must be provided with a medication reminder authorization form completed by the participant’s physician.
  • Caregivers must provide a single, daily dose of medication in a marked container/medication envelop labeled with the following information: participant’s name, date, name of medication, dosage, time to be taken, and caregiver’s signature.
  • Staff will provide a medication reminder at designated times and, if needed, will assist the participant in opening the medication container.